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Hi-tech Strategic Planning and Agility Tools

Execute  @  Speed

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We see a business world where every leader "knows what's going on" so their teams can move quickly and easily to seize the moment, and secure the future.

No longer shall strategic plans be:

  • expensive, though decorative, wall art

  • dusted off once every 12 months 

  • at the mercy of spreadsheet wranglers and paper-shufflers

No longer shall 90% of organisations have to admit they execute strategy poorly.


Our hi-tech Strategy, Planning and Agility tools bring strategic business plans to life: off the lunch room wall and into digital dashboards and quarterly reviews.


If you could be more successful in executing strategy, what would the result be?  What would that mean for you and your company?


'Without data you are just another person with an opinion.

W. Edward Deming

Hi-Tech Tools for High Performance

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How adaptive are your leaders?


How well are you executing at speed?


How aligned is behaviour to strategic goals?

The future is already upon us

We are in the fastest transition of how we work in human history because of:

  • Digitisation

  • Compliance

  • Competition

  • Changing expectations of employees

  • Changing community standards

Agility is the ability to move easily and quickly to navigate once in a generation seismic change.

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Strategy execution is a super-power

We help companies know what's going on across multiple plans, so they make informed choices and are able to move quickly to change direction.

Our tools enable clarity and accountability with  Directors directing and Managers managing.


Less paper-shuffling, more personal responsibility, execution at speed and better business results.

New leadership qualities are needed

Fear of failure looks large.  New personal qualities, skills and support structures will be essential for all leaders. 

The Agile 360 provides real-time snapshot of a leader's attitude, behaviour, and performance used for developing hyperaware leaders who make informed decisions and can execute at speed.

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Remote governance is real

Our recent poll found more than 80% of businesses are still using either paper "one-page business plans" or juggling collections of spreadsheets to execute strategic initiatives. For remote governance, this is a major hurdle.


Don't let the spreadsheet junkies and paper shufflers hold you back. Real-time visibility and KPI measurement from any location is non-negotiable .

Whitepaper: Strategy has little value until it's implemented

The question doesn’t change, and neither does the answer. Why do so many organizations fail to meet all their objectives?


They fall short because they lack the implementation capabilities that turn powerful strategies into results. As a result, strategies fail, customers leave, key talent is lost and financial performance suffers. Read the whitepaper.


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