Unlocking people's potential to maximise their performance

Given the massive once-in-generation disruption facing the public sector, aged care and disability sectors, leaders must adapt their leadership style to better meet the needs of an ambiguous, complex and fast-changing business environment.

These leaders know their business impact goes well beyond compliance and financial measures but includes better leveraging the public or greater good. However relentless change is making fulfilling this purpose harder than ever.

Our leadership coaching program:

  • Develops strengths

  • Closes performance gaps 

  • Teaches leaders how to be more coach-like

  • Delivers measurable performance improvement



What does leadership excellence look like?

We  have applied these frameworks to our leadership development programs.

The Agile Leader

The Australian Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework


Hogan 360



Our programs focus leadership strengths and gaps and teaches participants how to be excellent leaders.   We use a combination of challenge and support to nurture growth.

Key topics in our leadership program include:

  • Leadership styles

  • Understanding self and personal contribution

  • Understanding and relating to others

  • Articulating purpose and strategic direction

  • Working in and on the business

  • Fostering improvement & innovation

  • Empathy and adaptability

All leadership programs include:

  1. An initial 360 leadership assessment to identify strengths, gaps and opportunities.

  2. 90 minute 1:1 development sessions over 3, 6 or 12 months

  3. Phone support in-between development sessions

  4. Periodic 360 leadership assessments and organisational metrics to evaluate performance improvement, behaviour change and business outcomes


'Day one or one day.  You decide.'


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