Feels like the world is judging you?

The pressure is ON. Many leaders are feeling the heat to make the right decision, to say the right thing, to be perfect, to get it right every time...

Their backpack contains a huge boulder with the words: HISTORY WILL JUDGE ME FOR HOW I HANDLE THIS.

"Bad decisions could mean bad consequences", so decision paralysis sets in. Catastrophising.

Now, reflect on the last eight months. There are only two things you can ask yourself:

1. Did I do what I think was right?

2. Did I do my best?

Yes and Yes. Now is the time for pragmatic optimism. Keep things in perspective. Many of us are facing two choices: One is bad and the other is worse.

Focus on the process right now. What information do you need to make good decisions? Who can help you? What is the best, most logical next step?

Make peace with the past. Hard times for many of us are ahead. How can we do the best we can with what we have?

Keep safe and stay home.