Do you know a grumpy frog?

Ever had the pleasure of a talented Grumpy Frog on your team? Typically, older, male, highly technically proficient and rigidly inflexible. "Oscar the Grump" hasn't got much positivity - so GO AWAY.

If he's a good performer, rather than try to change a grumpy frog's behaviour, focus on the WORK he does (the work is very important to a grumpy).

Here are my favourite tips:

Communicate how his work fits into the big picture and is making a difference in the organisation and the community. Find the meaning in the work.

  1. Deliver future-focused feedback on how his work can be top-shelf. Find a way for his work to get even better.

  2. Imagine him as a 10-year-old child. What would that child want? Liberate his inner child to be innocently curious, have some fun and just be himself.

  3. What else could be going on outside of work?

The goal is to find common ground, build a productive relationship and in future, you can slowly work on the behaviour.

Perhaps we (the Royal we) needn’t take ourselves so seriously either, and, crack open a box of crayons every now and then.

PS These three approaches work well with just about anyone.

Cheers, and keep up the good fight for a better work-life for everyone.