Coaching Finance Leaders to be Strategic Partners

Most people can improve their situation with the right person in their corner. Finance is a major player in sector reforms stewarding the balancing of purpose vs profit.

So, how would you describe your Finance function?

  1. Strategic Partner

  2. Business Partner

  3. Controller

  4. Spreadsheet Junkie

Our coaching program focuses on building strengths to lift performance to B or even A?

If your Finance function improved, what would that mean to you?


"I have been working with Bruce for six months. By asking and posing questions, rather than giving me the solution, working with Bruce helped me deeply think through complex problems.

Bruce has helped me to broaden my thinking to consider alternate options and new opportunities rather than accept what's happened in the past or accepted practice.

Bruce challenged me at appropriate times; helping me to clarify my role in the organisation and where my skills and strengths could be most effective. Bruce also enhanced my Board participation, presentation and speaking skills.

Bruce has made a significant difference in my role as a Finance leader. I am now more confident, focused and excited about how I can be a strategic business partner with the rest of the organisation."

John Doe, Finance Manager Large Community Organisation