Followership - Have we neglected the essential needs of Average Joe and Plain Jane in 2020?

In all the hoo-har about Political Leadership, (or lack thereof) have we forgotten about the essential needs of Average Joe and Plain Jane?

Followership is the behaviors engaged in while interacting with leaders to meet shared goals.

There are no followers without a leader and vice-versa.

Gallup undertook a massive research study in the noughties asking 10,000 everyday people what they believed good leadership looks like.

Gallup identified four universal followership needs: TRUST, COMPASSION, STABILITY & HOPE


We’ve applied Gallup’s research to Prof. Brett Sutton’s enduring performance as Victoria’s Chief Health Officer – the face of Victoria's pandemic response.

TRUST – “We’re not doing enough to reach key groups.”

COMPASSION – “I am aware of profoundly challenging isolation”.

STABILITY – Solid anchor, transparent about pandemic response and same demeanour every time.

HOPE – “We’re expecting to be in stage 2 by Christmas.”


"This is why I like the Victorian CHO... he also cares deeply about our community and still has his head in the game."

"Seems a lot of us grown-ups need to hear a grown-up say it's going to be ok."


For your next meeting, how would TRUST, COMPASSION, STABILITY & HOPE as part of a message bring people with you?

PS Hang in there.

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