Here’s the “tea” on the latest corona lingo in 2020

If you see your teenager text CD9 just as you walk in the room during iso, it's a Code 9 Parent Alert!

A neologism is a newly coined phrase driven by popular culture on the fringe of mainstream use. Think back to meme, factoid, geek etc.


Infodemic - Global switching from traditional media sources to social media at unprecedented speeds

Cancel culture - The practice of cancelling support for public figures to shame them


Virtue signalling - Empty acts of public commitment during a crisis aka Slacktivism

Woke - Culturally in touch and enlightened regarding current societal issues especially racism

Zoombombing – Replaced photobombing!

Super-spreader - An corona asymptomatic person unwittingly spreading the virus to large numbers of unsuspecting people.


Coronials – kids born after 1 January 2021

Quaranteens - homeschooled kids

Gen C - any teen forced to spend too much time with Mum and Dad WFH … eeooww!


Quarantini - martini in isolation

Quarantipple - the drink before the quarantini

Hydroxychloroquine – Presidential cocktail


Covidiot - anti-maskers who think the world is flat


Karen (from Brighton, Bunnings and the Border)

Kevin - Male version of Karen

My fave is covidiot aka a whackjob.

Sums it up beautifully.

Please stay at home!