Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to reset

COVID-19 was the global reset we had to have. There are just too many Maintainers and not enough Builders.

Leadership is about the right people doing the right things aligned with the right time horizon. Here are McKinsey's Three Horizons in a nutshell:

Horizon 1 - Maintain the core business (Maintainers)

Horizon 2 - Nurture the emerging (Builders)

Horizon 3 - Create the new (Visionaries)

Effective leaders proportionately spend their time on each horizon, typically 70% in H1, 20% in H2 and 10% in H3.

Most, if not all, businesses think they are immersed in Horizon 1 - the here and now - adapting and modifying to survive during this pandemic.


Horizon 2 was thrust upon us far quicker than we could have imagined. Rather than nurture an emerging online world, the new world came to our doorstep and let itself in.

So what you are seeing is a plethora of H1 leaders trying to navigate an H2 business scenario at speed.

Business Maintainers in a well-meaning struggle to be Business Builders.

There were too many people in comfy H1 leadership roles. Too unprepared to transform.

What has emerged are some excellent H2 and H3 leaders.

These folks will thrive in mess and drive the next CTRL+ALT+DEL for your business.