How can you EARN the right to say NO to your boss?

Your boss gives you a task that you strongly disagree with.

You feel it in the pit of your stomach. Yet we often play it safe, reverting to an unsatisfying “yes boss”.

Whose problem is it tho’ ... if you're right?

First, get the emotion out of it. Walk away. Calm down.

Next, explore YOUR self-interest. Reflect on your position - what is good for both you and your company.

To get what you want, you need to EARN the right to ask for it. This is a process, not a “kiss up”:

1. Set your intention, then book a meeting with your boss.

2. Acknowledge how important a trusted, open and honest relationship is to you.

3. Unemotionally state what your boss wants, then explore the impact via open questions: “How” or “What” or “Why”. Your goal is to understand their position, look for unintended consequences or uncover insights that might mutually shift the collective thinking.

4. Explain succinctly what you want and why.

5. Now, engage in some kind of co-design or joint problem-solving to explore what’s possible.

A good boss brings out the best in you, especially in steps 4 & 5, by being open & curious.

Like you were in step 3.


*Be the change you wish to see in others**