How does a $6m business ... go bust?

The world desperately needs what White Ribbon was trying to change.

Yet, White Ribbon’s recent history is one of poor decisions and stakeholder disconnection.

Internally, I believe the Board lost sight of their purpose.

Their reason for being.

Once they achieved significant scale and notoriety, behaviour changed. It became an undisciplined pursuit of “more” (e.g. high salaries).

Then a denial to see their harsh reality during 2018.

You’ll read examples of self-interest, financial mismanagement, 3 CEOs in succession and requests for govt funding (bailout). Interestingly their website lists “courage” as one of the core company values. Where was it when it mattered?

White Ribbon’s story is about how decisions get made with a wayward purpose. Nobody wants a Board role connected to a highly public failure but Directors can’t have it both ways.

When things started to drift (probably about 2-3 years ago) my question to White Ribbon would have been what was the reason this foundation was started in the first place? A clue to purpose.

I know dozens of great CEOs that could do amazing things with $6m in revenue. They are clear on why they exist and whom they serve.

Getting to that is the hard part ... but it makes business decisions easy.