How Skefto helps you easily manage and monitor ACQS 8

If you are one of the Aged Care providers we know trying to get your head around Aged Care Quality Standard 8, then you're among friends. When it comes to complying with Aged Care standards, it's the big one.

In this blog, we show you how a new technology, Skefto, helps you to easily manage, monitor and review Standard 8 in nine steps, so you can relax about your next audit.

If you are CEO, CFO or in Corporate Services, you'll get how Skefto works straight away. Note: You can monitor every Standard using Skefto by linking plans for a complete view of your organisation's ongoing compliance activities.

1. Create the "8 ORGANISATIONAL GOVERNANCE" Operational Plan in Skefto

Once you have created the Operational Plan including a statement for it's purpose, add the five requirements from 8.3(a) to 8.3(e).

2. Next, create the detail sub-requirements

Here we demonstrate the sub-requirements that make up Governance Systems 8.3(c).

3. Now, add your unique specific areas of interest

You add the specific areas that require governance tailored to your organisation's operating model. In this example, Information Management is made up of Clinical Systems, a Consumer Portal and your IT Infrastructure.

4. Define your key results

Under Clinical Care Systems, one Key Result Area is Data Governance. You must ensure 100% of system maintenance procedures are in place and up-to-date as well as your Master Data is 100% correct. Further, for Cyber-Security compliance, two-factor authentication must be in place for access to 100% of consumer data via your internal network.

5. Schedule recurring reviews

Your organisation has determined Standard 8.3(c) will be reviewed every 6 months. Reviews are scheduled in Skefto at your desired intervals. In this case, the next review is due February 28, 2021. The review will be undertaken by the CEO. Skefto can email notifications or reminders to those involved in a review.

6. Conduct the review

The CEO undertakes the review with the Finance Manager. The outcomes are recorded in Skefto for compliance and audit purposes.

7. Create actions from review

From the review it was found the Care System was not recording information about new Consumer Restraint protocols. So an activity was created and assigned to Jenny in Skefto to rectify this. Once completed, Jenny can update Skefto. At the next review, due in August, the CEO can see if the system has been updated with the necessary changes as per the actions from the last review.

8. Dashboard

Visually represent your ACQS performance by standard, facility or function.

9. Relax.

You can now manage, monitor and review Standard 8 from anywhere in the world.

About Skefto

Skefto is an integrated strategy planning and execution platform.

90% of companies admit they don’t execute well.

Why not use the latest tools and tech to manage compliance? Skefto drives visibility from the Board to the Business. It manages KPIs, shares goals and fosters accountable actions.

  1. One source of strategic truth, accessible 24/7 and fully customised to the organisation’s strategy and its leadership structure.

  2. Links strategic and operational plans horizontally and vertically driving accountability and collaboration.

  3. Employees can assigned to objectives, actions and KPIs as well as creating teams for these, therefore building a high level of accountability into your execution.

  4. Schedule recurring strategy performance reviews with minimal preparation and always have the latest version on hand.

  5. Deep reporting and analytics on strategic progress and roadblocks.

  6. Automated event triggers and notifications when activities breach measurable thresholds.

  7. Select preset KPIs from the Aged Care KPI Library.

We can “Skefto” your Aged Care Compliance Management in a matter of hours!

If you would like more information on how compliance is made easy with Skefto Strategy and Planning Software please contact us