I say thank you to Thank You Water

I say thank you to Thank You Water despite Newscorp's disparaging recent story suggesting customers are not being told the full story. Slow news day?

Regrettably, this is what the Daily Mail went with:

Thank You Water has inspired many to follow their passion. Imagine dreaming a bit. Imagine making a global impact. Imagine running a business that is admired the world over.

Many charities and commercial businesses have failed to do any of this.

The people at Thank You Water (TYW) took an idea, executed it and scaled it. They’ve branched into new products. Some of their third horizon ideas are pretty impressive when I heard them speak at an event recently.

Leaders + opportunity + energised people.

That’s how you do it.

What we’ve witnessed is a lesson on how to properly run a business and do some good at the same. It’s time to get used to the social enterprise model. Social enterprises sit neatly between the not-for-profit and the business sectors. Weet-bix, Who Gives a Crap and many others are operating this way. I admit some legal definitions need some tightening up and this is where B Corps come in.

Why can’t a business make money and create a bigger social pie for everyone?

I know TYW has agonised over using plastic bottles but where this article falls short is by not sharing the outcomes TYW has made in the world with $6.2m in donations.

The truth is we want more businesses like Thank You Water.

I’ll drink to that.

Thank You have since responded to the Newcorp article. The response can be found here.