Phrases that grind your gears

The world of work is not the same as it was just three years ago, and seismically different to 30 years ago.

Technology, Coronavirus, Fair Work, Me Too, Political Correctness, Inclusion and Diversity have all played a part in changing how we interact at work.

Rapidly changing expectations of employees and the community mean employees want more choice, more responsibility, and more fun from their bosses.

Time is not your friend either. You never seem to have enough time to be on top of managing people as you'd like to be.

The most helpful change we can make is with cognitive distortions: “black and white thinking” and “always being right”. Both imply negative judgement when dealing with others.

Here are our top 5 phrases that grind our gears:

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but...“

Translation: I am right and don’t bother correcting me.

Try - Observation: “Help me understand this …”

“That’s your job.“

Translation: Why aren’t you doing your job?

Try – Pull back: “What are we trying to achieve by doing this?”

“You should have ...“

Translation: You screwed up.

Try – Reflective question: “What could you have done differently?”

“I don’t have time for this ...”

Translation: You are not important to me.

Try – Make time: “Let’s catch up on …”.

“With all due respect your ... is not ...”

Translation: I don't respect you actually when comparing two things

Try – A Question: “I don't understand how these two things align … can you help me figure this out?”.

Next time you are in a Zoom or work meeting, listen for judgmental language and observe reactions. See if you can spot any of our top 5 annoying phrases. You might find others!

Now that you are aware, what can you change in you?