Q: Why does someone have to die before leaders act on a consultant’s recommendations?

Recently, the Aged Care Royal Commission publicly disclosed a tragic incident where an aged care provider engaged a consulting firm to review their clinical services.

The recommendations were compelling and far-reaching but no-one did anything to implement them. Until someone died. Then it hit the front-page news.

This really grinds my gears.

Last year, a CEO said to me (at their monthly leadership meeting): “Bruce, don’t borrow my watch to tell me the time”. I am forever grateful for that moment. 🙏

Consulting reports don’t change things in a business. People do. Who’s job is it to know what the problems are in your business? If you know your stuff, you’ll know where the gaps are. Why get someone in to tell you what you already know?

So, what difference would you knowing this make:

1. Clarity on WHO might be contributing to the problem (that is…it might be you).

2. Clarity on HOW to get from A (current reality) to B (desired business outcome).

So, why, do I always see so much dust sitting on top of consulting reports?

Consultants are not there to tell you the time nor do your job for you. It’s to help you make change. Otherwise, that’s when people die.