Three leadership superpowers for 2020

Why do we celebrate our kids being better than us, yet as leaders we starve our employees of opportunities to do the same?

I can vividly remember the days my kids bowled me out in street cricket or beat me in Yahtzee. When you get outperformed by your own child, it’s a special moment. We want our kids to excel, to be better than us and to celebrate with them.

So why do some leaders leave that joy at home and stifle others at work?

A: I think it’s about a flawed “adult” belief system.

For some leaders, it’s as much as about “feeling powerful” as it is about having the title. It seems, one can only feel powerful if others are dependent. The biggest challenge of giving autonomy and control is letting go.

The good news is the knowledge economy has shifted us away from the information-as-power leadership paradigms into more collegiate models.

So, where will our superpowers emerge in 2020 to develop our people into better versions of our leadership selves?

I believe it’s:

✔️ communicating how the work of our employees meaningfully fits into a big picture

✔️ future-focused feedback to improve

✔️ liberating our inner child to be innocently curious!

Perhaps we needn’t take ourselves so seriously either, and, crack open a box of crayons every now and then.

I hope life’s great, Bruce


About Bruce Mullan

Bruce Mullan is a Leadership Coach nurturing leadership excellence in health, aged care and NDIS. Bruce integrates leadership strengths, agile disciplines and a coaching mindset to help leaders successfully navigate the growing complexity of our external world.