What is it that many organisations need to realise their full potential?

Tim Gallwey ("The Inner Game") is an expert tennis player. He says if you want to win at tennis, find an opponent who isn’t very good at tennis. The trouble is you won’t get any better at tennis yourself.

Tim created the “p = P less i” formula which helps people and organisations unlock hidden potential.

To get the best PERFORMANCE out of a strategy, a team, a project, an initiative, or an individual you need to take away the INTERFERENCE to enable POTENTIAL to emerge.

Simple formula, hard to implement. Why?

Because there has to be a “challenge” of some kind to remove a blocker.

Challenge creates tension, which leads to uncomfortable feelings.

Change and growth only occur if the current state is painful.

Interferences can be:


· Self-doubt

· Fear of failure

· Lack of confidence


· Too many meetings

· No-one owns a decision

· A culture of mediocrity (vs excellence)

· Tolerate poor performers for too long

· Org Charts that fuel empires

· Excessive interference (or no support) from the back office

Take any of these away, what happens to performance?

The beauty of Tim’s equation is in its simplicity.

So which ones are holding you back?

Or rather, what are you tolerating?