What's the difference between the challenges of the Health and the Residential Construction sectors?

The fundamental method of building a residential dwelling (nails + 2 by 4 framing) has not changed in hundreds of years.

The tools are better, cheaper, sharper, faster etc.

Katerra (www.katerra.com) are building architecturally designed multi-family homes in a factory and "installing" them on-site.

An entire wall, including windows, is built offsite in a giant factory, delivered and then "plugged in". No trades required.

So, below are the four key issues facing housing construction over the next 20 years (according to the HIA).

1. Skill shortages

2. Wage pressures

3. Technology disruption

4. Shrinking talent pool (ageing workforce)

Sound familiar?

So, what's the difference between the challenges of the Health sector and the residential construction sector?


What can you do about it?

Everything if you embrace change.