Why is "fake news" so important to your organisation?

"Fake news" is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure to it. Familiarity can overpower rationality. This glitch in the human psyche has fuelled an $8.8B advertising industry in Australia (PWC 2018).

A recent study discovered Aussie politicians had “weaponised” fake news to attack their opponents much in the same way US politicians attack the media (Wes Mountain).

Social media spreads fake news incredibly fast via person-to-person transmission because we are friends with people we like and trust.

Marina Gorbis (Futurist) argues we’ve lost our cognitive immunity to sort fact from fiction and science from science fiction in the open sewer of social media.

Fake news has become a harsh reality for work life. No-one has time to sort out the truth signals from white noise. So we cognitively take the easy, familiar, processing path.

The good news is Communications teams know all too well that consistent and regular positive messages get through. Familiarity just takes time.

So, to positively change a culture you need to persist with an unrelenting repetition of the same message over and over again. Just like a broken record.