WOW Pod - Words of Wisdom

The WOW Pod podcast is the creation of serial podcaster Neil Butler.

As people move through their life, they develop wisdom, defined by the online Oxford Learner's Dictionary as being "the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have".

Those in prominent positions - politicians, media personalities, etc - usually have a channel through which they can impart their wisdom to the masses.

But what about the real people - the grandparents, the parents, the business people, the people who live quiet lives in your community? Surely, there is a massive untapped source of what we might describe as "the people's wisdom".

So that's why Neil established WOW Pod - to find and share the people's wisdom.

BRUCE MULLAN'S WORDS OF WISDOM - interview 9 July 2020

0:00 Introductions and some cheesy "small talk"

8:00 The problem with many IT Managers and CFOs

10:10 Nobody wakes up and says “I’m going to be a bad manager today.”

15:05 Words of Wisdom 1

Think 3 years ahead, then look back. How can COVID-19 be the best thing to ever happen to your business?

  • The world completely stopped within 48 hrs

  • The reset we had to have

  • Coronavirus gave me the gift of clarity

24:04 Words of Wisdom 2

70% of leaders think they are in the top 10% (Goldsmith)

  • We have a leadership self-perception problem

  • When the world went mad, the good leaders (the true 10%) thrived

  • How prepared are you to ask "how can I be better as your Manager?"

29:50 Words of Wisdom 3

What you say no to, is more important than what you say yes to.

  • If you created a statue of yourself what would you keep and would be left on the floor?

  • You are a solution looking for a problem?

  • It's what you are known for

35:35 Words of Wisdom 4

Don’t over-focus on strategy. Get the right people.

  • Fancy, expensive strategies often go nowhere

  • The most successful teams to emerge from COVID-19 had the best people not the best strategy

  • How would you know your strategy is a winner anyway?

39:39 Words of Wisdom 5

Empathy eats ego for breakfast.

  • The micro-managers have been called out

  • How do you know what's going and your people take personal responsibility?

  • Employees now have the control over their work and life they always wanted

47:35 15 Fun facts (more fluff!)

54:10 That’s all folks! Thanks Neil for having me.

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